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Field Mushrooms... Whiteout!

Went for a wander around the woods this morning. Saw very little, a young polypore that might grow up to be something exciting, and two agaricus mushrooms (the prince). And nowt else much that we wanted to pick.

Then we went to a field on the way home, one we often visit and that usually has the odd agaricus during the season and some fairy ring marasmius. But today... I've never see such a flush of field mushrooms, everywhere we looked there were more.

The drier is going, we had mushrooms on pizza for lunch (put the bread machine on to make dough before going out shrooming), going to cook some down for duxelle to freeze. We took our fill, could have had many more, but its early in the season and we didn't want to be greedy.

If it continues like this it'll be a mushrooming year to remember!

hope so
Mat S

I found a horse field today that had hundreds of field 'shrooms. Couldn't find anybody to get permission to pick them from but gathered a load from the unfenced area. Yummy!

Checked out some local woods this morning but didn't find much of interest apart from one slug munched cep and a single tawny grisette.

Got chatting to a nice couple though who informed me of a field near where they live that is bursting at the seams with Agaricus. Sure enough, the place was covered with rings of field mushrooms! Shocked

Apparently none of the locals bother picking them, they're all too scared! All the more for me lol Very Happy

Cooked some with a fry up and have a load still in the fridge as I'm expecting my dehydrator to arrive tomorrow.

Care to share your duxelle recipe cab?

Maxwell wrote:

Care to share your duxelle recipe cab?

Sure, its in the bottom of this article, under freezing

I'd love to see a whiteout - apparently a few years ago, after some rain following a drought, my friend's horse field was more mushrooms than grass. Quite an eerie sight I should think.
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