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Filleting Fish ( Lots of pictures if you are on dial up )

Fish, Gareth and myself caught these off the rocks yesterday.

I got my camera out to record how Fish did the filleting. I reckon that the many photographs that follow, should be all that you need to know how to fillet fish in the future.

This is how Fish butterfly filleted a mackerel.


looks good
looking at some other pics looks like you had a good time Very Happy
how did you cook the fish?

Great pictures, any chance that we could get this up as an actual article?

Neat job.

Its in the freezer at the moment but I was thinking fishermans pie with the pollack ( thats the big fish ) with perhaps a stronger tasting fish to go along with it because in truth, I think pollack is a bit tasteless and possibly watery.
Bass has to be one of my favourites.

nice choise .you could always add a nice bit of smoked haddock with a few bits of parseley you will have your self a cracking a nice bit of melted cheese over the potato

Very useful! I usually end up eating the fish off the bone and making a bit of a mess.
fish (the other one)

i would gladly do the writ up to go with the pics! with 20 years experience in the fish trade im afraid i make it look easy!

It would be great if you would. The pics are really clear and a bit of explanatory text would turn it into a cracking article.

I'm ignorant on fish, as I don't like the taste, so, Pollack, Bass, Mackeral and what?

And yes, great pictures of a proper professional job. I always remember watching my old man doing it when I was a kid. Lasting memory of a GIANT cod (corner to corner on the Telegraph, opened out) being gutted. Then opening the stomach and finding dozens of tiny crabs.

Beautiful to look at, but just can't make myself like the taste, sadly.

fish (the other one) wrote:
i would gladly do the writ up to go with the pics! with 20 years experience in the fish trade im afraid i make it look easy!

hey fish answer me this please just how do you get all the bones out of matter how i tried the little sods just wont go.
i steamed my mackeral and took the bones out when it was cook but every mouthfull had more it a impossible fish or would it be nbetter to make pate out of it
fish (the other one)

mackerel pin bones extend half way down the lateral line from the head,its easy to feel them with yer fingers just cut either side of them and remove,this can be easier after cooking.

as for the how to fillet article ille do it in the morning,all credit must go to the photographer,bodger.

I would cut up the middle of the belly, remove guts and leave the head on while taking off the sides. The sight of that liver is making me hungry!
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