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filling a hole in a privet hedge.

thers a bit of a gap in the bottom of ours,I bent some young stems down almost horizontal and I wondered if they would now produce vertical shoots along their length.There are bird set hollies and yews growing up into the hedge which Iam pleased about because it should become more dense as they bush out a bit.Unfortunatly none of them are growing in the gappy bit. I live in hope though.
Anybody got any hedge wisdom for me to try. Should I sprinkle some bonemeal along the bottom of the hedge to feed it a bit?

cut and lay works well but takes a few years

feeding is good

Have you diagnosed why there is a gap?
If it is shade or something like, then you need to first deal with that.

Have you tried taking cuttings/making cttings from trimmings and then planting them to grow up nto the gap?

Its a one plant sized gap and well grown together at the top but big enough to let a dog through at the bottom.My bend over branches plus some shrubby bits woven in have plugged the hole a bit and I have hopes for some self set yew to exploit the space as it has further up the hedge. I have been weaving in any wippy bits of holly as well along the hedge and generally trying to reinforce it a bit. It is an old garden hedge of not very wonderfull privet with added holly ivy and yew since we moved in.
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