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Dee J

Finding a rabbit trap that kills the rabbit as well.

A teenager I know of has been on a group survival week and toward producing their own food a trap was used which also killed the rabbit. Sounds perfect. Does anybody know what this could be and, better still, where I could get one? We have lots of rabbit in the garden and local fields and it's a shame not to take the opportunity and I don't want to have to learn to shoot them.

Anita, Dee's partner, on Dee's downsizer log in.

Hi Anita

They are *really* easy to kill - if you get an 'ordinary' trap you don't need to shoot them. You just hold them upside down by their back legs in one hand and bonk them on the back of the head sharply with the flat edge of your other hand. Much less messy than a gun.


I think I know the ones you mean but I can't remember the name.
It's like a spring wire gin without teeth.
To be honest I would double check the legality of using them where other animals might get caught.
I know they are legal if used correctly but not sure about whether they are authorised for rabbits.
They are strong enough to kill cats as well as rabbits so I'd be wary.

trapping can have bycatch issues

a big fenn trap set for a head catch would probably kill bunnies but i would not use such means

get a saluki Wink

a figure four deadfall or a sprung noose will work but can bycatch puss or small mutt and i suspect they are not legal .

the bash to the back of the head is very kind once perfected

I was surprised how easy and effective it was. I was tooth-gritted for a 'head off the cockerel with the broomstick' first time experience and instead, there I was, holding an obviously dead rabbit.

a hammer handle or similar "priest" next to the trapline saves hands but it doesnt take much force to do it empty handed

if you bleed out on the trapline it will attract the curious Wink

I've taken rabbits accidentally with Fenn traps set for rats and stoats. There also used to be a rabbit trap known as an Imbra but by the very nature of them being body crush traps, I would imagine that you must end up with a bruised carcasse.

The two traps that I've mentioned work in the same way as gin traps but instead of being leg hold traps they are designed to kill the creature swiftly by crushing the body cavity.
Colin & Jan

My advice, for what it's worth, is to buy a few rabbit snares and learn (via the internet and youtube) how to set them. Ruthlessly efficient if set properly and it's unusual to catch anything else (although I admit to catching a few pheasants and a couple of hares).

I admit to catching a few pheasants and a couple of hares.

If it's fair game, then it's fair game. Wink
Dee J

Thanks so much. Very helpful and look out rabbits.

Some good info there about trap setting. All kill traps must be set in a tunnel or other method of shielding to prevent mis-catches. Get the tunnel size right and you almost invariably get a head crush, leaving the meat in good eating condition.

Most important is to regularly check the traps, at least twice a day, if not more often. Make sure the traps are un-set if you aren't going to be able to check them.
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