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Firefox Quantum

I like it. Bit less pretty but a shed load faster than old Firefox.

Firefox on my PC has to be watched or it hits 13gb of memory and kills the PC Sad

Quantum says it uses less than it used to and less than Chrome. Haven't looked at what's actually happening yet.

Thanks for the heads up Sean. Installed and now seeing what it is like. Smile

wow. Shocked
You weren't kidding about faster (also less pretty)

upgrading OSX to High Sierra broke link opening between Thunderbird and chrome so I decide to give it a try

More blocky but seems good

The memory usage isn't terrible but they are also slightly disguising it as in OSX at least there are multiple threads tracked each using about 200MB so it isn't quite as low as you might think

Doesn't work with Active X, so if your bank relies on an Active X plugin then don't switch. I had to switch back. I can't say I noticed any extra speed but it certainly seemed more reliable, FF was crashing pretty much every day for me.

I'm quite enjoying it. It does seem faster.

Tahir's in that London, his broadband's probably about a gazillion MBs.

YeH our work B.B. is good but home is crap I’ll try it here

Well I have just done a very painful upgrade from 16.10 to 17.10.

Went to 17.04 and the mouse was operating on the wrong screen Rolling Eyes

Then going to 17.10 died, then the recovery console was seizing on loads of things trying to force the upgrade through.

But it has to my surprised booted to Quantum, but I have lost tab-mix plus which was rather useful when you do run with dozens of open tabs.

I followed my usual ubuntu upgrades, and they included is now seriously fast!
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