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woody guthrie

First Bass

I lost my bass virginity last saturday morning about 3am on a windswept Irish west coast strand. About 2 hours into the flood a lovely 2lb 2oz Bass took my crab and squid cocktail and gave me the best fight a sea fish from the shore has ever done.

I can know see why some fishermen get so infatuated with these amazing fish and stop fishing for anything else. I have been out today and have crab, razors and lugworm as this saturday night through to early sunday morning is going to be spent trying to catch another one of these wonderful fish. They taste great as well.


Great catch
Iggle Piggle

Aye great catch and a nice looking beach Very Happy

Nice fish! Cool

Lovely fish. Nothing like your first one! I had my first one off the kayak last year and they dont half give a fight when you are on top of them. Have had several off the shore previously on Anglesey and I can also see why some anglers just target this fish. Roll on this spring and the start of the bass season down here in west Wales Very Happy

I'm jealous. But looking forward to getting some bass in Chichester harbour this year. Oh yes.
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