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First bee sting?

Can you remember when it happened?

I am curious because I have never been stung. I don't suppose that will last.

I was a five year virgin and then got stung twice in 10 mins, standing yapping afterwards with my hood down. Once on neck, once on hand. Ouch, but not as bad as a wasp.

I had my second sting on Saturday.Not nice at all, on my throat.
Applied sting spray and took an anti histamine.
All I can think is I hadn`t pulled the cover over where the hood zips meet.
A hard lesson learnt.

The same day Barrie got stung twice on his hands.
The bees seemed rather cross for some reason.
Mistress Rose

I don't think I have been stung by a bee. Have been stung a couple of times by wasps, and once by a bumble bee, but not a honey bee in spite of having to take the honey off a really vicious colony two years running, and having to rescue husbands hive tool once.

About a fortnight ago... Sad

Ow. Been stung on the neck myself. Was ouchy but not as bad as I expected tbh. Bee venom affects everyone differently though I think, doesn't it?
Barefoot Andrew

A few years when staying with Mrs. Fiddlesticks. I was being shown their hives, and then sharply uttered a swear word Laughing

It sure does Mad

Lept on my bed when I was about five, & landed bum first on a bumble bee!!
Most stings at one time ten on the head when the kids had been playing with my veil & left zips undone, didn't realise till I had a lot of bees buzzing around inside with me.
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