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First goose born....home birth !

As title

This year we thought we'd have another go at gooses, as we have quite a few eggs

Seven eggs were placed in the incubator, the first dated the 25/2; the one that hatched at 3pm today was dated 28/2, so we'll see what happens with the rest

Where are the baby photos? Smile

Give me a chance...I've still to paint the nursery



Do you have adult geese?

If yes, once the goslings are on their feet and eating from a saucer (day or two) you can introduce them to the adults - carefully. We've done it twice now. Our geese at least are very gosling orientated - they are drawn to the peep peep of gosling. What we've found is that we pen them in with the goslings, and sit in there and monitor for the first couple of hours - largely to make sure the goslings are staying warm and dry. The geese watch the goslings cautiously but interestedly to start with then at some point one of the geese (female geese to be clear) will sit down and welcome them in for a warm up and after that all is fine.

The one downside of goslings - they grow up to be geese Smile

We do have adult geese; they are going through a "fruity" period at the moment, in that, sex is on the menu every day

That said, there's one couple who were very attentive when the IR ducks started living outside

I've six more eggs that may or may not hatch, the last of which was laid on the 3rd of March

I'm hoping for at least a 50% success rate

How long usually before they are "standing"....I know he's only 2 days old, but just wondered how long before he's no longer on his belly, so to speak

I would have expected him to be standing by now.

I unfortunately had to dispatch the poor little fellow yesterday

I spoke to our poultry supplier & she told me that his "illness" was fairly common in geese, & that to raise them successfully was complicated

I think after this batch, I'll just sell the eggs & be done with it
Graham Hyde

Hi mousjoos,
It is upsetting but do keep trying. We leave the eggs until they're hatched then take them and the mum into a pen with a net roof to stop bird attacks.
I've stopped giving names now, even numbers to try to distance myself.
But is it a bad thing to be caring?

Hi Graham

In our first year of keeping geese, we had very few eggs & no incubator...& no experience

Last year was better but we didn't try hatching; we'd lost a few fowl to dogs, or foxes or something, so just kept plodding with the chooks

This year we seem to have had so far 2-3 eggs (goose) every day, so we dusted off the incubator & stuck a few in. I was more than surprised to find one in the process of hatching.

I thought for a while about getting rid of them all chooks, ducks & the geese, as we went through a period where we were finding corpses everyday...the geese remain unaffected it I though that this would really be the last year for trying, for me anyway...but I am very attached to the geese & would be hard pushed to get rid
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