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First inspection of the year

I'm not sure if we're too early or too late but we've not had a good calm and warm day really until today.

Anyway, had a quick look in two of our hives and they seem to be doing ok. Eggs, queen, young and capped brood and possibly some already hatched. I was also happy to see most of their stores gone as the super we left on each hive was mostly ivy honey. Still a couple of full frames to go so they should get through that brood rearing. Popped a new super on both hives for them to draw out.

Anyone else done much? Almost sawrm season. Twisted Evil

I've not been in yet properly but I've had the lids off to just peep in and they are all doing very well.

I was watching all 3 colonies today and they have been incredibly busy bringing in an awful lot of pollen.

I'm hoping to have a look in them maybe on Friday as I've a day off work.

I dont have my bees anymore, but saw some colonies when in FRance.
If stores are depleted and the queen is laying, Id give a feed, just to make sure there is enough food in case we get a wet spring.

The stores aren't all gone but I'll keep an eye on them. I don't wish to overfeed this year as I think that partly led to swarming last year.
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