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Fish - online

Anyone used any of these??
The Fish Society
the Cornish Fishmonger
Bells Fishmongers

Any good? Or other ideas for sustainable fish purchasing? Aldi can be good as can Sainsbury's but I'm trying to move away from supermarkets!

I particularly like the monthly box idea.....

Sadly our supermarket has a much better idea about what's sustainable than the local fishmonger. He didn't understand the concept despite the poster on the wall behind him. Rolling Eyes

I can't help sorry but I'd be tempted to try them all and take it from there.

At least you HAVE a local fish monger....

True and local fishermen who call in to rescue their lobster pots after every storm.

The last time one of them mende the garden gate that goes down to the beach.

Some of them are not interested in sustainable though and do long netting of some bits of the shore further along from us.
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