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Fishing advice please

OK I'm definitely going fishing tomorrow. It's a gently sloping sandy beach on the French side of the channel. Can't get to a bait shop cos they are all miles away so I was thinking of using bits of mackerel as bait. Would that work? Any other advice re setup gratefully received. I've got a beachcaster rod with a multiplier reel.

put a rig with small hooks and one cm cube fresh fish bait between wave 2 and 3 ,relax and enjoy

In my very limited experience I've had most success with spinning with strips of mackerel, more so than using feathers or spinners.

Hi boisdevie,

(I used to call my supervisor Jambs comme les arbres, she thought that was sweet, till she found out what it meant)

Probably too late for advice now as I guess you've already been.

Mackerell is a good all round bait, i've caught bass & pollack on supermarket bought cooked prawns when I couldn't get to the tackle shop and if you are really stuck for bait, theres usually moules & winkles on the shore, good for wrasse fishing.
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