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Fishing line

I think it's about time to replace my main line and was curious to know what people tend to use. I've only got a couple of cheap reals at the moment and mainly fish from the shore over rocky and seaweed waters.

First question, is there any reason not to use a coloured line? The one I mainly use is bright yellow and helps me see where the line is, as I mainly use feathers or rigs made from clear line I doubt the fish will notice it.

I'm not sure of the breaking strain the current line is but it is reasonably thick. What sort of line do people use to fish over rough ground and to take a fair sized weight? I'm thinking something like 35lb would be reasonable?

The books I have suggest a light main line and a heavier terminal line to cope with casting a heavy weight. Do people bother with this or just use a reasonable weight main line?

I use 14lb main 60lb shock leader and the brighter the better for me Very Happy

Well, I forgot I've bought a couple of reels a few months back so yellow it is and 24lb for now.

Do you just tie the leader on with a blood knot? I know the leader is there to stop the line snapping when you cast but I always feel the knot will snap.

Using the heavy mono as a shock leader takes most of the strain from the knot and main line so shouldn't snap. All depends on how well its tied. Think I'm using about 18 or 20lb mainline and a 60lb shock leader. Some people use it but I can't get on with braid.

Only got at most 9 months left at work so will write an article after I'm out if people want one.

I use a proper leader knot not easy to tell you online might try and find a pic for you later.



or this

An article would be great if you get time for one.

I worry about the knot holding up when retrieving as well, not because I expect to get a large fish but there's loads of seaweed about on the main beech I go to, this year hasn't been the calmest of seas. I caught a whopping 3 footer the other day, seaweed that is. Rolling Eyes

I'll try a leader and see how it goes. Quite a few knots show up with a quick google so I'll try something a bit stronger than a blood knot.

ETA, just seen your reply Drew thanks Wink , I did a bit of looking and also found this which sounds ideal.

EETA, actually this one looks best, also confirms my worries.
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