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fishing question

ive been fishing a couple of times on the mouth of the river and was wondering how far up i can go without needing a licence? also where would i get a licence if i needed one and if its legal to use traps

It used to be any part of the river that's tidal (Which goes suprisingly far inland on most rivers).
I haven't bought one for a long time cause my fishing is purely boat & pier now but if you need one your local post office should stock them.
Very Happy

apparently you can fish right up to the thames barrier without a licence, it used to be further up but they say the barrier prevents further upstream being tidal.

how do i know if its tidal? what do you mean by tidal?

sickpup wrote:
how do i know if its tidal? what do you mean by tidal?

Does the river rise and fall? the laws changed a few years ago, so the best thing to do is ask in your local tackle shop if you are unsure.

ok, thanks for your help

This will help...
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