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I have now been told by a tackle shop, that the 4oz casting weight 12ft rod that I haven't "isn't meaty enough" to fish from the shore round these parts (kent). I have been told I need something that will cast a 6oz weight, atleast. Two shops have now advised a 8oz rod as the starting point.

Before I splash out on another rod. Can anyone recommend a suitable rod for beach fishing? Are the shops just trying to sell me another rod, or is my 4oz rod actually upto the task?



The weight of lead you need is to stop your bait flowing around with the tide. So are the tides where you are particularly fast? Can you fish somewhere where the tide is slower? Remember at high tide there is no water movement. How far do you have to bung the lead? A 4oz might manage to bung the lead far enough without breaking it. What about a breakaway lead - a lead with metal pins - the pins grip into the sand but open up if the water movement is too much. Questions, questions.
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