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welsh veg grower

fixing shoes - stitches

I have a pair of slip on type shoes (not that well worn but had a few years) and the stitches have come undone on the side. is it possible to repair them? does anyone know how. the stitches hold the leather upper tot he rubber sole.

Any pics? It's very hard without seeing...
welsh veg grower

hope this works - one photo


That's definitely a picture of stitch.

welsh veg grower

that doesn't work either

mm this is the link
maybe someone can make it work pretty please

It looks like the stitching only goes as far as the lining of the sole, rather than al the way through. Can you sew, using the existing soles, but oly going that far? If not, how about strong glue? (Evostik or similar).

can you poke a needle all the way through the existing holes? If so, a strong linen thread should do the trick nicely

it looks like it should be re-stitchable like Sally said with a good strong linen thread and working a running stitch simultaneously from both sides so there are no gaps between stitches
Mistress Rose

You can buy waxed lined thread from some shoe repair places, and they usually come with a needle for heavy work. It is just a card of black or brown thread and quite heavy enough for this I should think. There is a special stitch used, but if you can work from both sides, put the needle through one way, then the other needle through the other putting a twist round the first thread before going through. Try to get the twisted bit to lie within the thickness of the layers if possible. Not quite the right way, but that is the sort of thing I have seen harness makers do.
Ty Gwyn

I`ve used that waxed thread you mention above for repairing harness,i used an Awl,where you pushed the thread through,and pulled it back,but that`s years back,i cannot remember exactly how it worked,but done a good job.
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