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Fleas and other biting things...

I've just come back from a trip away where I have been severely eaten by some kind of biting things... horseflies are a known culprit and midges are quite likley also, but I think the bites that are giving me most trouble are more likely fleas or some such.
Likely candidates for the source are the dogs that were visiting (in which case, why have they bitten me so much more than the dogs owners?), or possibly an infestation in the caravan in which I was staying.

So, any top tips on bite identification and recommendations for treatments?
I'll leave the dogs up to their owners, but I think some kind of smoke bomb for the 'van would be in order... or in any case, is unlikely to hurt.

treatment= antibacterial wash,wasp ease spray,antihistamine cream in that order

id by bite marks from online nhs direct might help

I meant treatment to kill off the critturs for next time, but thanks... though I went for the anti-histamines first, partly because they were easiest to find.

Watch out for cellulitis. I'm on my third week of antibiotics due to a horsefly.

Watch out for cellulitis. I'm on my third week of antibiotics due to a horsefly.

I have had some very nasty reactions from horse-fly, but this time, I think they have not been too much of a problem: certainly none of the bites that are known to be horsefly have been giving a problem.

in a caravan an op spray might be simplest if rather harsh option and potentially a bit dangeroos if it isnt aired well afterwards.

iirc the smoke things are just as dangeroos with the advantage of arson thrown in.

know you enemy is a good rule with bitey things as each have different vulnerabilities

The trouble with a spray is that you've got to be in there doing the spraying whereas a smoke bomb you set off and walk away...

I should think a smoke bomb can be made safe enough with the application of an appropriate saucepan.

if i have to i start at floor level as far from the door as poss and work up and back finishing with an aerial spray in from outside the room.shut the door ,leave it for an hour or two then open doors/windows and leave it another couple of hours.

after that dont lick the furnishings is all that is needed to reduce ones exposure.

iirc the smoke things are usually intended for glasshouses ,tunnel tents etc so check they are licensed for domestic use .

raid product selector

Fortefog smoke bomb.

Fortefog smoke bomb.

Good call: I was looking at Bob Martin's, but that looks significantly better for only a little more cost.

What recommendations do we have for treating the dogs?

What would you do about someone who is too fluffy to put nasty chemicals on his dog... other than stop hanging out with them?

We use either advantix, advocate and drontal, depending on what time of the year it is, and what needs treating. dpack

i use advocate and drontal ,i did mine last night joanne

I use advantage, it works a treat, much better than Frontline and cheap gregotyn

If it is a mite/tick bite check this is not Limes disease-go to doc's! Hairyloon

If it is a mite/tick bite check this is not Limes disease-go to doc's!
If it was, I think it'd be too late, but thanks.

In terms of your bites, after the first couple of days antihistamines don't help much (other than the local anaesthetic to stop you scratching them) but keep going with savlon or equivalent. Especially horse fly bites. I've had a few bad experiences with those including turning mauve and oozing.

I'd second Advantage on the dog - we've Frontlined our cats for years (no problem to us or them) and this spring found that Frontline wasn't working as well - some fleas persisted. Have seen online that the fleas are starting to resist it. Advantage did the trick. BUT doesn't do ticks like Frontline does so doing Frontline once or twice a season, a week apart or so from the Advantage will help.
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