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Flogging the Morgans

I gave a couple of nice chaps a tour of the orchards this evening. They have a small cider-making business locally and make an early brew for sale next year. They're very eager to get their hands on my Morgan Sweets and are willing to pick them from our three huge and quite fragile hundred-year-old trees.

Now the last time we sold Morgans was in 1966 when they went to Showerings for Babycham, so I have no idea of how much to ask. Or whether to just barter for help in pruning and renovating some of the very large trees that I'm afraid to tackle single handed. Any ideas, Bodger, Lorraine, anyone?

half the crop as product?

Was it the chaps from Ham Hill? They brought samples out to the brewery last year.

Yes, they said they'd been to Dillington too. They were doing a great trade at the Mid-Somerset Show, where I introduced myself. They've pretty much sold out for this year.

Ridiculous I know, dpack, growing up in the heart of Ciderland, but I don't like cider much . . or perhaps I should say didn't in the past, I think what is being brewed now bears little resemblance to the rat's lidos of the 1960s. A couple of bottles of Morgan Sweet Cider might be worth tasting but I'd sooner have cash to buy some good wine or firewood for the hearth I'll drink it by.
Mistress Rose

I was brought up in a beer brewing village and I don't like beer. Cause and effect there though I think. I like cider, but the old rough cider was a bit offputting even for a cider drinker like me.

Commercially we buy in at 50 per tonne if we have to pick and collect. I do know people who charge more.
A lot of commercial cider makers (not naming names) who buy juice in bulk now from Sheppy's are doing so because of the cost and time involved leaving growers with a dilemma - this is how we have acquired our new sources of apples.
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