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Flour Tortillas

I've been experimenting trying to find a decent recipe for home-made flour tortilla's that don't go horrible when they are cool so you can use them to make wraps etc

I came across this recipe yesterday in a hand-printed Chilli recipe book that I'd bought ages ago and not really looked at since - It really works and is so simple its scary although its in US Cups

Makes 5-10 tortillas depending on size

2.5 cups Plain Flour
1/4 cup Vegetable Oil/ Margarine
1 teaspoon Salt
3/4 cup Boiling Water

Mix the vegetable oil with the flour and salt so it goes like breadcrumbs - If you are using margarine you will have to rub it in

Make a well in the middle of the mix and add the boiling water - mix together to form a dough and then knead until it all comes together and is smooth.

Split the dough into balls and place on a tray, cover and leave for abt an hour (1/2 hour is fine though)

Roll the tortilla's out to the required thickness and dry fry for about 40 seconds each side until they form nice brown spots

Cover with a teatowel to keep warm for immediate use or cool and wrap in clingfilm for later use

a think the trick is masa de harina, that's what we use!

My recipe uses cookeen/trex and they are delicious but they do go hard when cool. I should think the vegetable oil in your recipe might help in making ones which will stay softer. Home made tortillas are very popular in our house!

Got to have a try at that. I love fahitas.

What would the Mexicans use though? Some kind of Corn product I guess?

Yeah I have a similar recipe in that book for corn tortillas - Haven't tried it yet though - when I do if it works OK I will do
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