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Fluke drench for sheep

Any recommendations?

I only have 5 ewes so only want a small bottle ie. 1litre or smaller. I'm guessing it will be cheaper online than at my local farmers co-op (and I doubt they sell the smaller size bottles).

I dont want to spend too much but then again I dont want to get a cheap brand that doesnt work properly, hence the question - what do you use?


No idea, but my vet was happy to sell me single doses of cattle wormer when needed. More expensive per dose, but I only needed six, not fifty. Might be worth asking them.

Different ones treat for different age fluke not all treat all ages so you need to speak to the vet or research which you need. Some are better at different times of year.
Is there a local farmer you could get some from if the vet won't sell you doses.
Where are you in Mid Wales.

Fasinex is my choice.
Rob R

Re: Fluke drench for sheep

I dont want to spend too much but then again I dont want to get a cheap brand that doesnt work properly, hence the question - what do you use?


The most important thing is the active ingredient, rather than the brand, and whether there is any local resistance to any particular one on your land/in your local area. The vet or other farmers may be able to advise. Then change to a different active ingredient each year.

Thanks for all the help and advice Smile

I asked the local vet if they had individual doses but they didnt. They did give advice on what type of drench to give, though.

But today I asked a neighbouring farmer to give his opinion on my sheep, and he had some fluke drench there, and drenched them for me Smile

Also gave me advice on getting them in better condition before going to the ram (it will be late this year but better late than never).

He is also going to help me sell my remaining 4 lambs which is such a relief as my grass is getting in short supply (long story).

So I'm feeling a lot happier tonight - so glad to have such a helpful neighbour!!

There are pluses in going later to the ram the main one being that you don't have to feed too much expensive fodder and corn before the grass comes ready for the ewes and lambs to eat. My neighbour doesn't put any rams in till at least mid november, lambing late april to may, aiming to get lambs fat off only grass, and lessen the reliance on bought in concentrate feeds.
I should have added that it would pay you to 'cultivate' that local farmer to help with supplying veterinary and concentrate feed needs for you as small quantities cost a forune.

We farm this way but your lambs will be smaller because they are younger if you plan to sell them with the main crop. Ours grow on, not all with us although that ratio appears to be changing. It's a balancing act isn't it.
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