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Food Dehydrator?

At the end of last week, my son made a food dehydrator using these pictures as the basis for his design. It'll be his dad who gets to use its supposedly fine for both meat and fruit.

The dehydrator somewhat bigger than I anticipated.

This is the view down into the bottom of the box.

Beneath the floor there's an ordinary light bulb fitting.

The lights on. The light bulb causes the air to circulate and dry what ever it is your trying to dry.

I'll be sure to let you know how well, or not it works. I'll be trying some sliced apples first.

I think you may want a fan as well as a light bulb.

I still think a PC would be a good starting point for a dehydrator: why burn electricity to make heat and air circulation when you have heat and air circulation incidental from something you are doing anyway?

seconded on the small fan idea.dehydrating is more about airflow than temp.

another thing is that for meat at least a brief time at over 70 degrees c is a good idea as it will kill any most bacteria and parasites(pre freezing meat will also kill flukes etc)

My son is making a second smaller one for his own use which will incorporate a computer fan but he assures me that this bigger one will work fine but obviously, only time will tell.
I'm sure that you are aware of this but there's quite a difference in the methodology when it come to the making of biltong and jerky. Here's an ancient post from OTG.

They have some good home made ones on
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