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Food testing for sale?

If I produce something, say a jar of pickle, for sale in shops, is any testing required? Am asking for my cousin, not myself. You can relax. Smile

Think I would go to trading standards to ask; if they don't know they will point you in the right direction I imagine.

Here is a link to the food standards agency there is a section on selling food / starting a business.


Next question, now we have established testing is required. Would anyone care to suggest a lab? I know most of them from the other end, but don't know them as a customer.

One would presume (?) that Trading Standards would have some kind of list of approved labs?

I know them all. I was sort of asking for a personal recommendation.

Im not sure if any labs are perticuarly better than the others since tye testing is to a set system as far as i know, if your asking stuff like if any are quicker or more through i would be hard pushed to answer becwuse i only used the one lab, i cant remwmber the name off hand but i guess the time will depend on how busy they are.
I must admit the one i used was from another local jerky maker so they already understood the product.
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