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For Sale: chicks, pullets etc

I've got Barnevelders, Salmon Faverolles, one or two Cream Legbars and some Barnevelder/Legbar crosses that should lay green eggs; plus Pekins, Welsummers and Black/Blue/Splash Araucanas, all bantams. Aged from day old upwards.

I charge 5 at day old and add 1 a week on, so at 10 weeks - which is the oldest I have at the moment - they are 15.

Good layers and the Barnevelders and Faverolles dress out at just under 2kg at five or six months.

I have a badger. Sad How long do badgers live for? I may be looking for a couple after all. Sad

Ages if they've got access to enough food.

Favs are on my wants list. Howard is slowly coming round from his "no fluffy legs" rule.

Will leave the page open and see if I get a reaction.

Temptress Smile.

Cathryn, years unless someone shoots them I think Sad
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