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For sale, ducks, hens, bantams

I've got stuff for sale:

At POL, all 20, discount for four or more:
4 Khaki Campbell ducks
3 Millfleur Pekin bantams
4 Araucana bantams
1 pet quality cream legbar
1 pet quality olive egg layer
1 Welsummer bantam

Smaller pekins, Araucanas, welsummers, Barnevelders priced according to age.

I have an araucana bantam, two welsummers and three barnevelders left from this season. 100 for all of them, 50 for any three.

Next year I will be confining myself to barnevelders, millefleur pekins and barbu d'anvers. Possibly faverolles and legbars if my world doesn't fall apart any further Smile

I am just looking for some more chickens but can't immediately see how to get them from Somerset to Lincolnshire!
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