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For the tinkerers

I'm not sure how he still has all his limbs, but the bloody thing works

That man is crazy. Have you seen his pulse jet engines or his magnetic boots?

I saw him using the magnet boots ons omeone else Very Happy
Mistress Rose

But why would anyone want a jet engine?

For his BBQ, silly
Mistress Rose

The man's a nut case. Apart from the awful food he started with, incinerating the outside of the sausages while leaving them raw inside is a good way to food poisoning. Now if he had been using real British charcoal..... Very Happy
Ty Gwyn

The man is crazy,but on the other hand a very clever guy.

Genius ! Shocked

A real brain and a sense of humour ! Cool

All he needs now is a good woman - to make him get a "proper job" in an office or summat Very Happy

im glad he prefers jet engines to nuclear engineering,the reactor in a dustbin has been done but hasnt always had a happy ending

mr burn's lost child
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