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Mistress Rose

Foraging damage

Yesterday I went to pick the wild raspberries in the wood only to find that as usual someone else had been there first. I have no problem with that in the parts of the wood we don't keep people out of.

However as usual the person/people had trampled the undergrowth to get at the raspberries.

Please, if you go foraging, don't do any damage. At best it annoys land owners, and at worst you might be trampling something that is really important like a planted tree, crops, or a rare plant. Please also, when the mushroom season comes round, don't take every single one.

I know on this site I am mainly teaching to the converted, but to any visitors who haven 't yet been trained, please take note. It is also not acceptable to take wild food from somewhere for sale without the land owners permission.

yep and something that i find unacceptable is folk who catch a fish and dont eat it .too often i see fish on a riverbank or beach

if you aint going to eat it dont put a hook on the line
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