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Azura Skye

Forest school leader

I'm training to be a Forest School Leader. And I'm very excited about it! I won't be qualified for at least another 9 months, but the course is really fantastic. (loads of work to do now).
There's a wondeful pedagogy behind Forest School, an holistic approach to children's development. It centres everything on the child gaining self esteem, confidence, physicality, understaning of the world around us, and skills from social to hands on.

I was wondering if anyone here was a Forest School leader?
I'm also looking to borrow some books/have book recommendations/buy second hand books on FS.

I'm hoping to go back into self employment futher into my course, and will start getting things ready for parent and toddler groups, and linking in the local schools for ages 6-16.

My plan for my long term future is to create a place where I can teach young people about growing food, cooking food, and skills that come with living sustainably. Alongside that I'll run forest schools.

Ah, sweet dreams. Realizing them is slightly daunting!

I'm not, but know someone back in Manchester who is.

That's really exciting to hear! Best of luck with it and with your long term goals which also sound great. Cool

That sounds really interesting with scope for development and growth of the business if you wanted.

Our kids love Forest School. I think HenX runs one in the Forest.
Azura Skye

thank you!
I'm really happy about it.

if any of you have a chance to attend a forest school with your kids, go for it, : )
Azura Skye

Our kids love Forest School. I think HenX runs one in the Forest.

that's so great that they love it. : )

My youngest did 2 weeks a couple of years ago, in the summer holidays. He found it really boring. (He was 10, and with friends) I think they missed messing about, like they do at home, without all of the rules.
bulworthy project

We don't do forest school stuff ourselves, but the local primary school use our woods for their forest school activities.

We don't know what they do but they seem to have a lot of fun doing it.
Nell Merionwen

What a fab career chooice. You will be wonderful at it too Smile
Azura Skye

thanks Nell : ) - I certainly hope so!
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