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fosse septique

Hi, anyone had one installed lately, if so , do you have any relevant costs etc., I know they vary on how much room and where they are situated, any input would be greatly appreciated.

I posted a lot of detail about septic tanks mostly about the French requirements but also about English requirements, on, if that is any use to you, if you want any more specefic details Pm fromthe acountrylife site
moules and frites

Getting a Fosse installed

Hi ,
We are having the fosse installed in September . It is based on bedrooms , we have six and ours is cosing 6000 Euros , including taxes and a pump. With one of this size we do not need the grease trap. The price excludes the soil test which cost us less than 100 euros .
The tax can be 5.5 % or approx 19% depending on the other works being undertaken , I think ...

Some friends of ours have recently used the same company they have a three bedroomed property and theirs cost around 4000 Euros.

This is for a company in central Brittany and so the price may not be relevant elsewhere in France .
I have no connection with the company but would be willing to give their details if you pm me .

The company have French and English speaking employees .

Hope this helps ..
Blue Sky

Sorry MM, just spotted this.

We haven't got an "up to date" fosse yet but our friends nearbye have recently had one fitted. The associated costs seem to fit in with what M&F has posted above. They have 4 bedrooms in main house and a maisonette on the end with one further bedroom and they paid very close to 5000 euros.

We have been quoted between 3,500 & 4,500 by the same company as we have only 3 bedrooms in the house and one in the cottage. They cannot give a firm price until the soil test has been done.

Hope this helps


Thanks Simon, since posting I have got a price for a 3 bed and it is almost the same as yours, so thats good to know that the prices are pretty consistant. Thanks again.
Blue Sky

Glad you got it sorted. Hope it all goes well with the installation.

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