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Fox toy

Girl child is happy with her upcycled fox toy. Looks like roadkill if you ask me, but she's happy with it.

It can't be dead, Frewen. Foxy appears to be helping with the homework-180 is the first answer to no.4!

Foxy says thank you - as he can only count to "some" Very Happy

Lovely foxy fox Very Happy
Mistress Rose

A bit of a flat fox, as you say, but if she is happy... and it does seem to be taking an interest in her homework, which is always a good thing. Very Happy
wellington womble

Re: Fox toy

Looks like roadkill if you ask me

Best kind of fox. My chickens are safe! (I quite like him though. Bet he wouldn’t eat my chickens!)

This little fella looks decidedly guilty though......

(I should point out that Archie the Cavellier King Charles Spaniel is innocent of all charges, and had been set up by my own girl child, who thought it was amusing. It just tickled me that he looked so guilty. Also, I don’t have blue chickens)
Mistress Rose

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