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Rob R

FRAUD WARNING; Crafty scam

I had an e-mail from 'Alice Baxter' and/or 'Rose Smith' asking for wool to be donated to a little girl with leukaemia yesterday, it was a bit iffy so I googled it and found this I have reported it to Action Fraud, please do the same if you receive one.

steal it small pile it high,a similar business model to the mass selling one.

i wonder how many of her marks are not aware of the scale of it?or even if they have been hit.

a quick bit of maths based on say 50 tries for each day giving 20 hits (which is a good hit rate) of a tenner then sell on at half price would be needed to get a decent wage of around 25kpa allowing for a few losses etc .
it isnt very lucrative unless she is very busy .if she was that busy in a smart legit way i recon she would make far more without risking a pitchfork style mob or if various folk get their act together jail.

the short scam often has a "sob story" to soften the mark which in many ways seems more reprehensible than the loss,many of the comments reflect that.

well spotted rob

Strikes me as more a mental illness than a money maker.
Mistress Rose

Thanks for posting that Rob.

Thats nasty. Redruth, Cornwall address? Hope they nail her.

Thats nasty. Redruth, Cornwall address? Hope they nail her.
Doesn't sound like they care. She's been pulling the same scam for years according to the site Rob linked too.
Rob R

I got another e-mail today which just said 'Please can you help her'

Mental note, if ever you are trying to scam someone, it's best not to use two different names for yourself in the same e-mail.

Having read your link Rob, yes, that is actively offensive. "Please look into your heart" - bleh.

What a sad thing to do Sad
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