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Barefoot Andrew

Free: 2-piece leather suite

1 x chair
1 x 3-seater sofa

Tan-coloured leather, dark oak wooden frame.

20 years old; fire stickers aren't up to current requirements so can't be charitied.

The sofa is in good condition.

The chair has more sign of wear and tear - but is still perfectly servicable.

New owner must collect - and asap really. It's in the way, and will be gone by some means or other a week from now.


Err Patchshire being where exactly ? Laughing
Nell Merionwen

Err Patchshire being where exactly ? Laughing

Leek, Staffordshire. Rolling Eyes Laughing

I went to Leek High School but they keep it a secret. Laughing

I went to Leek High School but they keep it a secret. Laughing

Odd - I got lost once around beack of the gasworks in Leek - trying to take a shortcut on the way home from Scotland ! Should have stayed on the M6 !

Anyone else had experiences of Leek ?

Much better experience than that mate. Leek was and still is a lovely town. Its on the doorstep of some fantastic walking places too. I've got some fantastic memories of Leek in my portfolio.
PS Andrew. I hope you sell your sofas too. Embarassed

Leek, Yes Falstaff. At one time I had a branch in one of the 'five towns' and needed some labourers on a temporary basis. Two chaps from Leek were recommended and unfortunately no background checks were made due to this recommendation.
The first Les B', had a drug problem which he supplied by breaking into chemists, the second, Arthur W' was about sixty at the time of hiring and had spent about half of that time inside prison for various offences.
Unfortunately I discovered these facts after the safe had been broken into.
I am sure not all Leekites are of this nature but the experience does tend to stick in ones mind.

Bodger, you may know of Arthur W'. One of his sons lost an eye in a fight. Early to mid eighties.

Good luck with the 'sale' Andrew.

Arthur the Winker ? Rolling Eyes

Always been a big drug problem in Leek. Numerous drug deaths in the town. When I was at college there, the drugs came in from Derby and usually on a Wednesday. It was fairly common knowledge at the time.
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