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Free Turkey

Got a butcher nearby?

Have they been taking orders for Christmas? And have they been cutting them up and prepping them for customers?

Then I'll bet that if you go and ask nicely, they'll give you as much turkey offal, as many bones, as many bits and bobs as you can carry for pretty much free...

(my rucksack is full, now)

I hope you have a rucksack liner Laughing

It barely even dripped.

No butcher nearby Sad

the liklihood of the local butchers doing anything even remotely free range is sadly very low Sad I think they buy everything in pre-shrinkwarpped, so very little chance of any offcuts round here

I once had kilos of free chicken wings from my butcher courtesy of the Rugby Club who only wanted breasts for their barbeque. Personally I can't imagine how you can barbeque a chicken breast and end up with something worth eating, but I suppose the food isn't the main point of a Rugby Club do and I enjoyed my free soup and spicy wings.

Personally I can't imagine how you can barbeque a chicken breast and end up with something worth eating

Barefoot Andrew

That's a bit of a shame Sally. You obviously need to send Gareth out in hunter-gatherer mode Wink

what I really need to do is start nagging the butchers to stock something that is worth eating, but I think Gareth had this conversation with one an was told that they used to stock 'real' meat but that the son took over and insisted that nobody wanted to pay for it when the water filled prepackaged stuff was so much cheaper. We can still get an acceptable bacon locally, but thats about it.

Well, I had bones, wings, gizzards... Lots of good stuff in my bag. Considering going back for another today.

We will have an hour long queue at the butchers every day this week Sad
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