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Freecycle - Aberystwyth

Is the Aberystwyth branch of Freecycle still operating?

I first contacted them in mid-July to try and join but heard nothing apart from my membership was waiting for approval.

I've tried contacting them a few times since to find out what was happening - the latest was at the beginning of last week - but yet again, I've had no response.

Has it disbanded?


Have you looked under "Freegle" Aberystwyth? There was a political split a few years ago, now most UK sites are called Freegle. You might have found a defunct website?

I did look at Freegle but the nearest one is Llandridnod and I'm way out of their catchment area.
Ty Gwyn

Try Carmarthen.

I'll ask my daughter (in Talybont) she was freecycling stuff not long ago...

Cathryn will know.

No she won't. She'll say that someone asked her about that ages ago and she meant to find out but didn't quite get round to it and now she's not sure who asked her in the first place...At a rough guess. Wink

Very Happy

Tan says it is still going but IS slow- keep trying..she has the mod's email address if you need it. Let me know how you get on Smile
Ty Gwyn

I am still waiting to hear from Freecycle Aberystwyth and also from Carmarthenshire cafe - is it something I said ...?

No they're just weird and incompetent. I think there might be something called MyFreecycle. I gave up on it years ago.

And thank you so much for your comments boys. Wink

Freegle seems to anywhere in Wales EXCEPT the middle Confused

This would be your isn't on fb either, like most of freegle groups

Ceredigion Freecycle Details

Ceredigion Freecycle can be found at

The group

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