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Blue Sky

Freecycle in France

I have just been having a read through some of the Freecycle posts on Downsizer and I think that us ex-pats could be missing something. Does anybody know if there is a similar system to Freecycle here in France? See here for info on the UK system

If not, then do we need to set one up? I am happy to do the webby side of it. Basically, email me with your list of unwanted items (along with photos if you have them) and I will stick it all on a webpage for people to browse. If it takes off then we could maybe 'forum base' the site to enable people to add there own items and ask questions about items offered. I would be happy to host the initial site on our own webspace. We have limited bandwidth but it should suffice to start with.

I know that we have rather alot of unwanted stuff up in the attic here and I am loath to chuck it out. We thought about attending a vide-grenier when the weather warms up a bit but if we can give stuff away to likeminded individuals I would much rather do this. After all, that is how we acquired our stove.

I realise that France is a huge country and moving things about may prove awkward but what have we to lose? For all you know that spinning wheel that you have been seeking all those years might be sat on someones junk heap just down the road.

Please offer your opinions

Blue Sky

But that's all Greek to me Laughing

I searched for a France site and couldn't find it. Embarassed Just realised there is a link to it on the link I posted above (where is the dig a big hole and bury yourself icon)?

Thanks anyway Nick for saving me the hassle. I'm off to look at

There is also a website called RECUP -
It's strictly for ads giving away items (ie. no exchange or barter).
You can search by region, departement, key word, etc. so it's easy to find what's available nearby.
Good luck!

I first looked at Freecycle France last year, but the problem is that France is so large that there are no nearby groups. This I feel is why the scheme hasn't really taken off here; it's just not practical for those who aren't in large towns or cities. Given that most towns have an Emmaus, I can't really see Freecycle taking off. They charge so little for items, it's for a good cause, and now that Pierre Abbe has sadly died, I think that most people will stick to donating their unwanted items to them, not through Freecycle.
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Hi escapedchickens (what a name) Cool

Welcome to Downsizer! Hope you enjoy the forums and thanks for the link. I will take a look.

I did apply, a couple of weeks back to set-up (or mod) a site for our area but am still waiting to hear back from them. Let's hope it is a goer.

I do see your point with Emaus Tay. There is one not too far from here (St Leonard de Noblat) that we have got furniture from in the past. I still think an online version would be useful to lots of people. Most of the ex-pats we have met since moving out here have internet connectivity. It costs nothing to take a look. People are buying old properties all the time here and usually full of stuff that they don't want. Never heard of any of this stuff making it to Emaus so far. Lots of stuff makes it as far as the next bonfire. It's such a shame.

I'm new to being in France what's an Emmaus?
Oh and I did think a version of freecycle would be good for those of us who are still linguistically challenged I know I have to learn but I can't do everything at once and it's when people first get here that they have stuff left by the previous house owners

Emmaus are a charitable organisation.
There our outlets in many towns, where you can take anything you no longer want, and buy whatever takes your fancy.
I don't know where in your Dept there is one, but I would imagine there is one in Limoges.
In 86, there is one in Montmorrilon and I believe there is one in Poitiers.
Blue Sky

Hi Karena and welcome to Downsizer!

I hope you enjoy the site & forum.

We are from York and now Haute Vienne so not dissimilar to yourself. We live near Neuvic-Entier. Where are you? The nearest Emaus to here is just the other side of St Leonard de Noblat. It is not all that easy to find but I'd be happy to show you directions on a map.

For the record, I did get in touch with Freecycle France with regards to setting up a local freecycle in Limousin but as yet heard nothing back from them.

Hi Simon we're just north of Limoges in Vaulry we moved out in March so still mainly only get as far as the DIY shops directions would be really helpful I hate throwing things away if they can find a good home so we just hang on to too many things we don't need

Hi Nanny P thanks for the link seen you on Total France I think

Hi Karena, we are north of you in Parnac, there is a Emmaus in Chateauroux, we are going next week so I will let you know what it's like.
Blue Sky

Here is a location map to our local Emmaus:

It is a huge place in two large barns and a lot of things outside too. It is a charity so you donate your unwanted items for nothing and by things at very reasonable prices. I think it is only open in the afternoons 2pm to 7.

It is hard to spot. You need to approach from the Limoges side (A20) and look carefully for the sign which is growing deep within the hedge.

Map courtesy of Google Maps (just in case) Wink
Blue Sky

The overhead image is pretty good. Very Happy

The place mentioned is the 2 huge barns at the top and all the 'junk' in between. Take a pic-nic. The area is beautiful, it's on the bank of the Vienne.

Hi Madmonk all info gratefully received

Thanks Simon I don't think we could manage to get lost with the map and aerial view. Could make a day trip for next week. It'll be good to drive past the turn off for the zone industrial for a change

Karena wrote:

Hi Nanny P thanks for the link seen you on Total France I think

yes, you have Very Happy
Blue Sky

Karena wrote:
I don't think we could manage to get lost with the map and aerial view.

I couldn't resist posting the satelite image. I was rather impressed with how clear it was for an area of rural France. It's nice to know we haven't been overlooked.

Simon wrote:
... It's nice to know we haven't been overlooked.

Not forgotten... but plenty satellites are looking you over... Very Happy
Blue Sky

Just what I was pondering. Wonder if I can use it to our advantage?

Simon wrote:
Just what I was pondering. Wonder if I can use it to our advantage?

I doubt it, who would want to spy on us ,oh by the way looks like your veggie patch needs weeding Laughing Laughing

Simon wrote:
Just what I was pondering. Wonder if I can use it to our advantage?

You could paint 'Terrific Holiday Cottage Here' and your phone number on the roof of your house in really big letters.


Did you hear back about setting up a local freecycle?

I have very bizarrely just joined one in the UK near where my parents live as that's a trip I do at least 2 times a year wereas our local freecycle is at Rennes which I've visited once in 3 years so I couldn't justify going there - well it'd have to be for something pretty amazing!

It's just crossing my mind to set-up's only vague thoughts at mo...


Hello group

My nearest Freecycle appears to be but there doesn't seem to be much activity there.

According to my nearest Emmaüs is @ Egletons. Has anyone here used that particular branch Question
Blue Sky

Hello boxcorner. Welcome to Downsizer!!

I never did hear back anything with regards to a local freecycle although I heard there was once one in Limoges.

Emmaus is pretty good for most things. I'd give it a visit if you can get there.

Limoges doesn't seem to be listed

I phoned Emmaüs and they're only open Saturdays 09h00-12h00


Freecycle Paris


My name is Stephane and I'am a moderator for the Freecycle Paris group.

Because Freecycle Paris yahoo! group was hard to find on the internet, we recently launched a web site with a forum and all the information needed about how Freecycle Paris works.

You can find the parisian group at this address: (English).
and our website :

We hope that some other towns (Nantes and Rouen at least) will also create their website under (see

Have a nice day
ps; soon or later the website will be translated in English, at least.

Looking at the Emmaus website there is nowhere to click to search for a shop in your department. Confused On googling Emmaus magasins there IS a search, but it takes you to where the used clothing bins are located within your postcode area.

Which is not true, because I've been to both places and they don't exist any more - or at any other supermarkets I've been to lately! It seems like I'll have to throw the bag of old clothes in the bin. Mad
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