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Hi - I know some of you guys have been following the the Freeecycle Freegle developments

It was a bit wierd to read a note I wrote to uk mods announcing that our association of uk moderators (formed as a sort of union because of previous problems with moderators and volunteers being removed for political reasons etc) could no longer work with Freecycle and was forming a new network quoted here on Downsizer

Most of us didn't want a spilt but the Freecycle UK parent was behaving in aweful way towards its volunteers and all attempts to enter discussions towards more accountability, appeals preocedures etc met with a brick wall.
The last straw was when Freecycle starting removing the whistleblowers and those who stood as elected representatives for our union/association

Anyway Freegle is now well and truly up and running. 192 groups have let Freecycle and joined the new Freegle network where the air is a bit fresher ...others are coming over every day and membership of the new network isn't far off the million mark.

And we have no dodgy sponsorship deals, no salaries paid, and no corporate rubbish to deal with.

There are also some local Freecycle groups that are trapped and want to leave but can't. as Freecycle officals have taken control of the group.

To find out more about Freegle and find your local group you can take a look here
click find a group for the list

and pass the word out - we'll all be freegling soon

Cearphilly and Torfaen are freegling.
The freecycle groups are carrying on but smaller and smaller.
Oh yes, and allof a sudden, Newport Freecycle's posts are arriving in spam on yahoo! Laughing

gz wrote:
Cearphilly and Torfaen are freegling.
The freecycle groups are carrying on but smaller and smaller.
Oh yes, and allof a sudden, Newport Freecycle's posts are arriving in spam on yahoo! Laughing

yeah when we leave Freecycle starts a new competing group on their own server (not Yahoo).
Penny Outskirts

I joined my local one today - thanks Mark, much easier Very Happy

You're welcome Penny
-for those unfamiliar withthe Freegle/Freecyel concept this is how it works
How it works

Freegle is an email list hosted on Yahoo! Groups that allows you to give stuff away when you need to get rid of it but donít want to throw it in the bin. Or save something from landfill by asking for it; perhaps someone has just what you need that they were about to throw away.

For example:

1. You have a washing machine you donít need and may need to take to the tip.
2. You join your local Freegle group.
3. You post an OFFER on the list, seen by everyone who looks on the site or receives messages in their inbox (members get to choose whether to receive all messages or just view online).
4. Interested members will reply to you privately.
5. You choose who you would like to give it to.
6. Between you, you arrange for them to come and pick up the washing machine.
7. It gets collected.
8. Youíve given away your machine with little effort, and you also got to meet someone new from your neighbourhood in the process.
9. Someone local to you who needed your unwanted machine can now use it, fix it or use parts for spares.
10. It didnít go into landfill. Great for both you and our planet. Everyone wins!

Likewise, if you need an item you can request one on the list in the same way and if someone has what youíd like they will contact you off-list to offer it.

taken from

(Freecyle groups work in a similar to way to Freegle but some are hosted on their own server instead of Yahoo - so what you have to do varies according to which sort of group you join)[/quote]

I'm pleased to say the three groups I belong to have all changed to Freegle and seem to work really well.

Keep on Freegling!

My closest Freegle group claims to be....

The Ambridge and Borchester Freegle group, including Felpersham.

Which is worrying.

nice article from THe Ecologist about all this
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