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Freezer repair

We have a small Waeco mobile freezer which until last year proved to be an excellent little device capable of chilling or going down to -20C. We bought it just before the first skill share weekend so we could bring back DS foodstuffs.

Last year it stopped working and cursory tests didn't reveal anything fixable. I thought it was a thermoelectric cooler and if it went wrong that was the end of the story. It wasn't until this evening I got around to have a proper look to see it there was an obvious problem with it's innards.

I was surprised and relieved to find it was a compressor chiller, just like a domestic freezer, and knew that it was unlikely to have complicated black box electronics. After removing the base and protective cover from the simple PCB controller I noticed the power leads were squashed and one of the leads had shorted agains the solder post of the power socket. A quick re-soldering to clean the repair and move it the lead out of the way cured the problem. We now have a working freezer again.

Ice cream rapture to follow soon - that's my religion.

thumbright result!

Well done that man!.. what flavour icecream will you make?

Well done that man!.. what flavour icecream will you make?

Make Surprised I find opening a tin of beans a challenge.

Sweet. Its so nice to be able to fix stuff that most folk would have sent to the tip & bought a new one.
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