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Freezing pork pie?

I fancy making a pork pie. I've only ever made it for parties. As there are only two of us I wondered if I could make two smaller ones and put one in the freezer.
As hot water crust pastry needs to be crispy, I thought that if I made two and froze one uncooked (with the jelly stock frozen seperately for later addition) it might work.
Does anyone have any advice/comments?

Over to you Pricey! Laughing

The girls in my local Tesco are always reminding me that I can freeze pork pie (when they are on offer! It's Cardigan they love a bargain and to pass one on Rolling Eyes ) They are all cooked already obviously... I've never tried it though - mainly because we always manage to eat it all Embarassed

I'd be wary that a whole uncooked and frozen pie would need to be really well defrosted right through to the middle, before it was cooked though, and that the outside would overcook whilst making sure!

I'd try freezing a cooked one, defrosting and then crisping up in the oven, should the pastry need it.

wellington womble

Grenwich froze part of cooked one, and said it was fine. I don't know the particulars, though.

I freeze mine in different stages from raw, to half cooked and cooked, with no problem at all and remember mine are 5lb pie's.

It all depends on how you like the crust. I like mine hard, but I keep it in the fridge and it does go a bit soft, I dont mind that at all, it is not unpleasent, the only time i get a nice hard crust is in the winter when I can just keep it under a tea towel in the garage.

It goes the same when you freeze it, a bit soft, but it's OK with me it doesn't taste any different, and everyone else seems to like it just as much. As for reheating it, I wouldn't but each to there own.

Thanks pricey - I'll defer to your expertise. I like a crispy crust, and I imagine that uncooked hot water crust pastry freezes as well as other pastry.
Partly, the reason for the question is that pigs trotters have to be ordered from the butcher specially - so home-made pork pies are no small undertaking. I thought that I could perhaps make two smaller pies and freeze one (with the requisite amount of jelly stock).
I just want to be sure before I invest money and time!
wellington womble

Trotters freeze really well. As does jellied stock. Always worth makng in batches, I reckon.

I bought 3 for Christmas and only ate one. Other 2 were frozen. I have defrosted and eaten both and they were fine and gave no ill effects.

Well, in the end (and because I only had 7" tins) I made one large one - which turned out to be quite handy as I've had to leave OH to forage in the fridge for several days - and again tonight. (He did look quite pleased though when I mentioned just now that I'll be in tomorrow and that, owing to a glut of pak choi, it'll be a stir fry for dinner.)
And just so that I'm prepared for the next time that I get the urge I bought some brilliant 4" loose bottom tins from Lakeland - 3 for the price of two. I love Lakeland!
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