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French bread flour

I believe flour made from French wheat is different from British, being less glutinous. Anyone got a a good (simple) recipe?

do you have a sourdough starter?

if so

4 cups culture
2 tbls butter
1 cup milk
2 tsp salt
2 tbls sugar
6 cups flour

mix salt sugar butter into milk
add to culture
add flour til too stiff for spoon then turn out and knead in rest of flour
knead till shiney

proof 20 c 12 hrs

form loafs

rise 2 hrs 20c and 2hrs 30c

slash and brush with 2 beaten eggs

bake 190c for 70 mins
very hot massive wood fired oven for about 40 mins

cool well before slicing

Sounds good.

Do you have any hints on resuscitating a starter?

pour three quarters of it away and feed as normal.

yep ,the spores are quite robust ,i resurrected an olaf keeper after a dreadful gravity tragedy to the active one .it had been in the fridge for 18 months unfed and was frisky as ever in a few days.
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