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french site


have just found a french site that is new and has lots of catagories to ask questions on downsizing in France, give it a try


It has a forum, so I'm sure you can ask whatyou need to know.


Re: french site

Barnabebear wrote:


Put a full stop in instead of the comma, link should work now.

Re: french site

Barnabebear wrote:


Hi all,

Mike from Le Bas de Lande here ...

We have just started the forum mentioned above and I have now placed a link to this forum on it ...

After spending over a year renovating our small stone farmhouse here in France we are now concentrating on using all our resources availble here at Le bas de Lande.

We have a HUGE well which we are currently using for watering the vegetables and garden and have plans to convert the house plumbing across to use water from the well and thus will disconnect from the current mains water supply.

We are also actively looking at Geothermal heating systems as currently we are using Oil and Wood which isn't very ecological, so I am most interested to talk with anyone regarding Geothermal heating systems.

I am also looking into solar energy for heating water and generating electricity ... there's lots going on here at the moment !

We have lots of land here with a HUGE potential so I will be trawling this forum for hints, tips, ideas and anything else which will help us achieve the life style we came here to create ...

We have an ongoing BLOG at where we are detailing our life here as it happens ... so please feel free to take a look and indeed converse with us as we need all the help and advice we can get !

I look forward to conversing with you all in the near future.

Happy growing all !

Le Bas de Lande
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