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French telecom

I am still in shock, I phoned French telecom about having a line installed plus broadband, Iwas first asked when I would next be in France ,I said 23rd september, he said that is a saturday our engineers will be with you monday between 10 and 12 and your new phone number is !!!!!!!! less than 7 mins to set this up I think I need a drink, I hope everything goes like this, well done France telecom.
Blue Sky

I would be inclined to "beleive that when you see it" Ray.

They have been muckin' us around for nigh on three months now - hence my not being able to connect to the net for a while. maybe they have more time for new customers? I hope this is the case for your sake. Good luck and see you next month.


Hi Simon, it's a fingers crossed on this one fortunately I don't need it that desperate but it would be nice to have it set up for when I come over for 6/7 weeks later in the year, last time my bill for 6 weeks was 300 so this could be a big saving. Looking forward to seeing you in September. Ray
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