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Liz in Ireland

Frog spawn

I have frog spawn in my pond it too early to survive? It's all on the surface in a shallow weedy area, I imagine it's just going to freeze at night Sad
Green Rosie

My pond had some couple of weeks ago and then several hard frosts killed it Sad. However when I was near the pond yesterday by the sounds coming from it and the splashing when I got near, there will be more Laughing .... and we have more frost and SNOW forecast for Monday Shocked

There's already tadpoles in some of the ponds here. Our personal frogs have finally got their acts together this morning.
Nicky Colour it green

nothing here yet - and they normally have their love in around valentines day - but no sign of them so far.
TTouch Homestead

Tons of spawn here and the ponds are making some right strange noises still, so imagine there is more to come...

sign10 Lots of noise going on in there. sign10 I filled it a bit more and cleaned out some branches and leaves. sign10 Hope I did not do too much damage! sign10
Nicky Colour it green

first frog spawn appeared after the spring like weather we had on Saturday!

and now it is snowing and temps of -4 overnight Crying or Very sad
Boy Wonder


Shocked Laughing


I'm grateful that we haven't as yet got frogspawn in our pond. The poor frogs would need a jigger pick to get through the ice getting in and out of it. Shocked
Nicky Colour it green

i feel sorry for the frogs - this spring has been so hard

We are only getting abut 2/3 the number of eggs from our hens compared to last year, feed costs 2 a bag more, and my ducks are both laying, again, and again temperatures are dropping to well below freezing overnight and again we shall have to take them away and duck eggs are are the menu, instead of ducklings being hatched.


No frog spawn, but the ducks and the chickens are laying like the clappers.

Frogs hard at it here, spawn in bucketfulls. Shame it has now frozen up again.
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