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froggie came and was caught in

a cake cover.

i nearly stepped on it ,failed to grab it so it hopped between the dogs paws and hid in a corner.

after a couple of hours under the cake cosy it had eaten a small worm and gummed a big un

as dusk fell i turned it free and it hopped off under the back gate

i like happy stories

Very Happy

toad waddled in and sat in my flip flop!Shocked


im very fond of amphibians ,they always strike me as cool dudes .
Mistress Rose

Glad your frog wandered off safely. I haven't seen any frogs again this year, although we had frog spawn last year in the pond. We get the odd toad, even in the woods. Don't know where they breed as there are not ponds nearby.

toads will travel miles to find a suitable pond in the breeding season and miles to find a suitable toad hall for the rest of the time,frogs tend to stay fairly close to/in their home pond

some of the "exotic" ones have adapted that general scheme to suit local conditions but the general rule of frogs mostly wet and toads mostly damp sort of covers where they are likely to be.

This time of year, my garden is usually awash with froglets, but this year the tadpoles are taking their time, so there are only a few at present.

Pumpkin hates them. As soon as something small and khaki coloured jumps within her line of sight, she turns tail and runs back into the house.
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