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FS Peacocks

My mate is selling her peacocks. If anyone's interested, give her a ring.

Two Peacocks for sale, approx 2 years old, 150 each, Contact Alison 07870778873. Near Wellington, Somerset. Lovely boys!

Those are expensive alarm clocks... Shocked

Yeah. She has six and four of them flew away during the high winds. Including all the hens, obviously.

Those are expensive alarm clocks... Shocked

Paying that much, I'd expect a snooze button that works.

i wouldn' give the noisy bloody things houseroom if you paid me!

I think that most people keep them outdoors.

The title for this thread shouldn't begin FS peacocks, instead, it should be FFS they've got peacocks ! If you're an insomniac or don't like your neighbours then they're great addition to your menagerie. Laughing

Their call makes me very unhappy, I've even been known to cry Embarassed the same applies to whale song Sad

A peacock made it's way to MILs garden, when my SIL saw it she ran round the house screeching 'there's an ostrich in the garden'Shocked she's from Nigeria. The owner was very happy to get it back, FIL was even happier it went home, he works nights.

I'd love them, but it's the tedious old 'get this perfectly justifiable in all senses kind of poultry and I will divorce you' story again Rolling Eyes

I love the call of peacocks, its very atmospheric but its best heard from over half a mile away.

And to be fair, that's usually the distance you hear them from, when they're escaping.

i like the look of em and they can be quite funny but the singing is a bit much even a mile away

The Tudors had the right idea about them, didn't they eat them at Christmas pre turkey days?
A tad pricy to eat though. Rolling Eyes

i did consider it with a couple of very noisy ones but they look a bit tough and gamey for my tastes

tudor posh cooks did em as a center piece re dressed in the skin/feathers.

the poor got cabbage soup and rat on a stick:lol: Laughing Laughing

Rat? Rat and cabbage too? They were spoiled rotten in those days. When I were a lad we had nowt but a mouse and the cheese that were left on the trap, if we were lucky.

My Dad kept one in the back paddock behind the house for a couple of years and it used to tease my Sister's English Pointer. Stupid dog would see it and go into pointer position looking so darned pleased with itself, then the peacock would spread it's tail feathers and screech and the dog would run a mile and hide. It had to go, the peacock not the dog, far to noisy for the retired neighbours.

Mistress Rose

I don't like the things. Working at a place that kept them for a year, nor did son after a while; noisy and dirty and with an attitude problem. Think with the people working there is was fortunate that none of the peacocks got their necks wrung.

I really like them and was keen on getting some eggs for the incy, but Circumstances Have Changed and it's not an option now Sad
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