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FS: Salmon Faverolles pullets

I have some lovely Salmon Faverolles pullets, currently starting at 12 for six weeks old, to 16 for ten weeks old.

They are slow-growing birds, don't really fill out properly until they are two, and are good winter layers - the parent stock reliably come back in to lay between Christmas and New Year.

Collection only - I am not able to take them to the skillshare, it's too stressful what with all the wheelchairs and kit we are travelling with etc etc..


Hi are the salmon faverolle pullets still for sale if so were abouts are you? Thanks

Do not even look at this post!

(I am getting Howard round to the idea of Favs. Any not up to standard ones with non feathered legs?)

I've responded to Poppy on the other thread Smile

Lynne, sorry, no - they are all really nice - and my accidental crosses seem to inherit the hairy legs, so far. Have you looked at the owlbeard thingies that Andy Cawthorne was breeding?

I really want Favs, but Howard doesn't want any feathered legged birds because of how bog like the garden can get underfoot in Winter. I guess the same applies with most Marans.

Not really looked into Owl beards - I have noticed that someone in the South East has Orloffs, and Howard still wants a Marsh Daisy.....

This is of course all dependant on getting the new run built, which is his department.

You could shave their legs and swear they are a new breed Smile

Oh no - he likes their faces, just doesn't think they'd enjoy our place in Winter without little chicken wellies.
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