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FS: Standard Rex rabbit kits

We have six standard Rex rabbit kits available, both boys and girls. A nice size for meat, they seem to be growing really well on a mix of pellets and garden-food. Lovely coats, for curing, too. They would make good breeders or pets. 30 each, 50 for two. Pictures to follow! Ready at the end of the month.

I like the idea of a rabbit kit.

Complete with burrow, carrots, blue jacket (rabbit not included)

Fabulous marketing idea Smile
wellington womble

I though that, too. And I wondered if there was a luxury Rex rabbit kit...

Pah. All my Rex rabbits are of a luxury quality, I will have you know Smile.


They look fab.
The last of mine,(the one the ungrateful stray I gave a home to didn't eat) is in the fridge because she was eating all the neighbours haricot vert and carrot tops! Embarassed

There may be younglings still lurking in the undergrowth. if the cat doesn't get them.
bleeding murderous menagerie!

good luck with your sale.
defiantly think they would suit a jaunty hat or a blue jacket!
or just recipe associated names. this is mustard sauce and this is stuffed with plums...

I read this through and was appalled by the punctuation. sorry! Embarassed

Two does left. Twelve weeks. Extremely tame!

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