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Fungi everywhere

The field next to the house has at least a twenty or so different types of fungi on it without me even having to peer and look. The only two I can identify are field mushrooms and I have a large basket full of those and parasols, several are drying in the bottom of the rayburn.

Parts of the field looks as if its strewn with little bits of orecchiette pasta, There are some that look like almost translucent farfolloni. There are tiny ones which I am sure could lead to interesting adventures.

Some photos, any id suggestions would be great.

There are lots of bright spots of yellow which I assume is this mushroom starting to appear.

Two photos of these pretty ones.

These two are different species I think. Two photos again.


nice pics.

Think the yellow ones a type of wax cap

First possibly Mycena .....,second Hygrocybe ......,3rd and 4thHygrocybe virginea( nivea ).......????

We have just bought a kilo of hedgehog mushrooms at the local market for 4 euros, they look lovely. Not as good as foraging them ourselves but they will taste almost as good.
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