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G'day from the depths of Dorset,

Hi I'm Tony and live in Dorset. I'm not very good with writing or speaking in groups so forgive me if I'm a little quite. But heres a brief bit about me.
I've been married twice, (both past tense) and lived in Australia for 6 years which was the making of me. I've never really understood why I'm supposed to go out and work for 5 day's and spend for two. But I have tried. After my last marriage failed I decided that I was done with living in a house, they never felt like home. So now I'm living in a small caravan 7 miles from Bridport, my nearest town. I don't have a car, but I have a dog so we walk. Now it's winter I cook on my home-made wood burner or outside. The only modern facility I have is power, which I'm aiming to get rid of. Not because of cost but because my aim is to be self reliant. So my aim for the near future is to learn as much as I can with the aim of having to earn very little to survive. At the moment it's 40 a week. But I'm earning more at the moment so I can purchase the items I feel I'll need.
Anyway I waffled on a bit a now, so that must do.
Oh and HELLO!

Hello Tony.
Not far from you over the border. hello2

Hello and welcome.
I'm sure if you have any questions someone on here will have an answer.
Have you any photos of your home made burner? Very Happy

Hello from sunny Devon hello2

Welcome hello2

Hi Tony - welcome from Asturias.... Very Happy

Hi Tony, welcome in!

Hello, again Very Happy, from the peaks, must say it sounds a fascinating way to live...

Hello there Smile
7 miles in which direction from B'port?

vegplot and I know it quite well, he has a brother nearby and another not that far away. His family lived for a while in Punknowle.

Lovely area, beautiful coastline.


hello from Mid-Wales Smile

Hi there from Bucks Smile

Hello from the south west corner of Michigan. Cool

Hello! wave

Hi Tony
love caravans lived in one for a year amazing coziness in winter and lovely summer evenings, wish id had a woodburner, not sure I could live without elec though.welcome

Hi Tony,

RichardW's threads and comments are some of the ones to look out for re: off grid power. Smile But much useful info in any direction on here and there's a massive articles database to ferret through too.

Have fun


Hello from Cornwall.

Thanks for the welcomes, I'll try and take a couple pictures soon. Needs a bit of a tidy first.
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

sounds exciting. I'm sure we'll learn as much from you as you from here!

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