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Game Wholesale Company for sale

This dropped into my inbox. I thought it might be of interest to some here, if only for discussion.

Project Wild Bird
By Order of the Directors due to a Notice of Intention to appoint an Administrator
Processing Plant
Leasehold premises in Lincolnshire
Refrigeration Equipment
Refrigerated Motor Vehicles
Experienced Workforce
Stock-in-Trade of Partridge, Grouse, Hare, Pheasant, Mallard, Rabbit, Red Leg, Wood Pigeon, Wild Boar, Venison (approximately 180,000 at cost).

a few observations:

stock in trade in a game business might have a value on paper and a serious liability if looked at closely ,property assets are only worth what they are worth to the person with the money

i assume they have been tanking as they are in administration,why? management or model?

no hint of staff or goodwill?

is it worth asset stripping?if it was the administrators might have been on that one bit at a time.
could it work as a thriving game business?
both require more data for a sensible pitch from their side, im out.

There's a workforce listed.

silly me ,so they need feeding from day one (or the other option) both of which can be expensive
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