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Gas boiler recommendations


We are trying to decide which gas boiler to get for our flat. The three installers we have contacted recommend different ones and on the web people seem to complain about every one on the market.
Can any of you recommend a brand/model. So far we have looked at Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ariston, Baxi. The Worcester Bosch seem to be efficient as does the Vaillant, - both are expensive. The Ariston really cheap but some people say it is carp. Hmm, maybe you get what you pay for.
Anyway, - have you got a favourite boiler?

Is it going to be a combi? In my limited experience I'm not keen on any I've seen.

Being a bit more constructive if at all possible ask to view one installed before you buy as some are much noisier than others. If you have a short list then it might also be worth checking prices of some of the common spare parts, some makes seem to have exorbitantly expensive spare parts.

I've got a valiant, about 2 years old now. very quiet, you have to be in the room with it to hear it go on. I can't tell you for certain about efficiency as we use gas for cooking as well, but I've never felt my gas bills are exorbitant.

We've got a Worcester Bosh but its oil not gas... never had any trouble with it though, it must be about 5 years old now.

Just have it serviced yearly and thats it.

We've had a Worcester Bosch for about four years now. It's not gone wrong (yet), is very quiet, and gave us an immediate, and significant, cut in our gas bill.

I'd buy another one.

Shane wrote:
I'd buy another one.

Is it really cold round yours then?

A word from an ex-British Gas engineer

My husband was retired (at the age of 36) on ill-health grounds (a cooker fell on his spine) from British Gas a few years ago. His favourite boilers were always Vaillant - and we have a 10-year old one ourselves which is still in great working order.

They are reliable and long-living and Vaillant seem to be a decent company. They are even doing solar stuff now.
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