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goat lady

gas V lecci

i have a dilema....

i raise quail, and i use several incubators and brooders.

all run on electricity.

i have been thinking lately about switching to gas for the brooders at least.

which would be better for the environment, gas or electricity. ? the gas would be propane in bottles.

i am trying to find a suitable solar system to run the electric in the sheds but so far i cant find anything powerful enough at the right price....most small systems will run one or two light bulbs, but i need something man enought to run 3 large incubators aswell as lights.
Dee J

The only way that electricity could be environmentally better is if it's from a guaranteed renewable source or it's running a heat pump system. A lot of non-renewable electricity is produced from gas with conversion losses and distribution losses - to then use that electricity to produce heat is not ideal.

If you want to run from solar.... a) whats the rating in watts of the kit you want to run - for an all electric system? or b) is there any way of using solar thermal (evacuated tubes heating water) to provide some of the heat input?


There's also an energy penalty to pay in extracting propane from gas, not to mention the transport of so many little bottles of energy, so it's not such a clear-cut argument as it may at first appear.

Difficult one to answer, really. My hunch is that there's probably not much in it either way - unless you go for a renewable electricity supply, of course!

Re: gas V lecci

goat lady wrote:
... but i need something man enought to run 3 large incubators aswell as lights.

What wattage are those things?

You have them in "sheds". Insulation (to reduce the heating requirement) would likely be the most effective (carbon and financially efficient) investment.

Most of your heat requirement - I'd guess - would be during winter nights -- not the best timing for solar!

I'd wonder about having a mini central heating system and draw the heat from a well insulated hot water tank.
Now the heat storage tank could be heated from solar thermal (maybe even a baby wind turbine too) and "topped up" from Economy7 (green tarrif too if you like) ...

Gas introduces more fire hazards, and isn't too conducive to gentle heat by conduction. With "underfloor central heating" or an "electric bottom blanket" you can do much of the heating by conduction from beneath, and as heat rises, that brings more efficiencies.

But insulation (and controlling ventilation, maybe with heat recovery) as the priority, IMHO.
goat lady

the sheds are isulated, but it is not heating for the sheds that i need.
the heat i need is to brood the chicks. at the moment i use heat lamps, and the electricity they use is unbelievable, so i was thinking about using gas brooders, and was wondering which would be better for the environment.

somebody mentioned would i find out what wattage the incubators are? ( or anything else i would want to run on solar power ) and is that what a solar system is based on?

a small wind turbine would be another solution i suppose, but where would i get one from, and would i need a battery like the solar systems need?

sorry so many questions, but i am concerned about the amount of electricity that is wasted.

goat lady wrote:
somebody mentioned would i find out what wattage the incubators are?

Is there a rating plate on the incubator? It should be on there.
goat lady

there is nothing visible, so possibly underneath.
as they are full at the moment i cannot move them to look.
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