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Liz in Ireland

Geese help please

I think that I may have made an error!

I have acquired 2 allegedly 6 month Toulouse geese. When they have settled I hoped that they will roam and mow across my grass, and lay eggs and raise goslings next year for Christmas dinners .
They seem fairly happy in their grass pen, hate cats, seem calmed by visits from the hens. Last night, not helped by hurricane Ophelia, and tonight, I've failed to get them into their large box/small shed. After the first 2 nights they have learned to go in opposite directions at the last moment rather than enter it.
I am doing the silent, calm and slow approach that has been suggested, but they still end up stressed out, and out.

They're going to be got by the Fox aren't they?
Crying or Very sad
They would stand a better chance if they free ranged now?

Is it normal for them not to be interested in 'treats', a little corn for example?

I,m told that they're easy to care for, just let them out?

Will they, like chickens, not wander off? Ive an acre.

Any tips gratefully received. They seem happiest with the hens and gaze wistfully over their fence at them, I'm wanting to just let them out


Mine like to go to bed much later than everything else ... and they like routine. Perhaps try putting them in a bit later? They definitely aren't so food focused as hens ... much more discerning.

Ours also like to go to bed slightly later. It' easier to funnel them in through a doorway. Could you put up some hurdles either side of the door - make certain you angle them out so it looks like a funnel?

PS Welcome to the world of contrary geese. Laughing

Mine don't take orders easily & prefer to make me think they're doing things of their own accord....that said, once they "learn" a thing, they adapt to the routine very readily

Do you need to liquidise them before pouring through the funnel, or just push really hard?

Proper geese have things rammed into them via a funnel.

Yum yum.

No, it really is worth it.

Oh, hush.

Terrible man. Laughing
Liz in Ireland

Funnel is good, a pallet funnel shall be constructed Smile

Contrary they certainly are. And they may not be Toulouse at all, Rolling Eyes African maybe apparently.

I will persevere, thanks.
Liz in Ireland

Funnel version one still resulted in a struggle last night.

New modified funnel tonight, and success Laughing Laughing

Well done!!!! Very Happy

Geese have to be the most indifferent creatures!!!!
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